Come and See (acoustic chronicles)

I recently released a new album (acoustic chronicles) and wanted to give everyone a breakdown of what these songs mean. They are all very deep and biblical so I wanted to make sure and explain them so I have a place for anyone who wants to know all the meaning behind them. Most of the lyrics are old hymns that I revamped to fit my melodies. This one is from a hymn by Isaac Watts called “Come and See”.  Here is my version in full.

Come and See 

Jesus the Christ, prepares our rooms,
Well supplied with care, for all our wounds:
His Word declares, His grace is free,
Come, needy sinners, “Come and see.”

“Come and see.”

He left the Father, and courts on high,
Came to His world, to bleed and die;
Jesus the Lord, hung on a tree,
Come, thoughtless sinners, “Come and see.”

“Come and see.”

Come, and see His grace upon you!

Our sins did pierce, His bleeding heart,
Till death had done, its dreadful part,
His boundless love extends to thee,
Come trembling sinners, “Come and see.”

“Come and see.”

His blood can cleanse, the foulest stain,
Can make the vilest, sinner clean,
This fountain open, stands for thee,
Come, guilty sinners, “Come and see.”

“Come and see.”

Come, and see His grace upon you!


This is a sweet hymn of resting and yet being convicted of what Christ had to do for our sin on the cross. We rest in the grace He has bestowed upon us, but we are faced with the fact that our sin put Him on that cross. That is in fact what we need to be able to come and see grace. It is also an invitation to know God and enjoy Him forever. None of Christ blood was shed in vain, therefore, those who do not live a life submitted to Christ do not reap these benefits of grace from Him. Jesus blood was enough to cover the sins of the world, but we are not covered unless we accept His invitation to “Come and see”.


Listen to the song here: Come and See

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