Mindset of Christ (acoustic chronicles)

I recently released a new album (acoustic chronicles) and wanted to give everyone a breakdown of what these songs mean. They are all very deep and biblical so I wanted to make sure and explain them so I have a place for anyone who wants to know all the meaning behind them. Most of the lyrics are old hymns that I revamped to fit my melodies. But this is one of the songs I had the pleasure of writing the lyrics to with some friends of mine. Here they are in full.

Mindset of Christ

The fullness of God dwells in Jesus the Son
Equal in substance, divine Three in One
Glorious union! In love always be
Selfless and pouring forth in humility

Christ is the King who chose not to seize
Not pressing advantage, but emptying
Taking the form of a dust-covered slave
Almighty God in the shape of a babe


O Lord that we, O Lord that we
Would have the mindset of Christ
Mindset of Christ


The Fullness of man dwells in Jesus as well
Obedient to the Fathers will, true Israel
Holy and sinless, fulfilling the Law,
Doing what we couldn’t to please our God

Christ is the God man who stooped far below
Hung on the cross to reap what we sow
Taking the wrath that we all deserve
Judgment borne in our place so justice was served



The fullness of Christ vindicated by God
Raised with the Name that is far above
All will bow and know “Jesus is Lord”
All for the glory and honor of our God



This song is full of biblical references. The first verse speaks of God the Father and all He’s done for sinners. The theme continues into who Jesus is and what He has done. The chorus longs for even prays for a mind like Christ’. Why do long for a mind like Christ? Because Jesus was 100% man and yet without sin. He is what Christians look to for ultimate and perfect picture of what to strive for in this life. Although we will never achieve this perfection in this life, Christ promises a new and perfect life when we join Him forever in heaven. The second verse continues with the theme of glorifying Christ for His amazing work for those who would love Him. The last verse is speaking of the glory that is and is to come for our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Listen to the song here! “Mindset of Christ”

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