Illuminate Within (acoustic chronicles)

I recently released a new album (acoustic chronicles) and wanted to give everyone a breakdown of what these songs mean. They are all very deep and biblical so I wanted to make sure and explain them so I have a place for anyone who wants to know all the meaning behind them. Most of the lyrics are old hymns that I revamped to fit my melodies. This one is from a hymn by Charles Wesley called “I Want a Principle Within”.  Here is my version in full.

Illuminate Within

I want a life within of watchful, Godly fear,

A sensitivity of sin, a pain to feel it near.

And when I begin to feel these most, prideful wrong desire,

To stop the wandering of my will, and stomp the starting fire.


Illuminate within, the fear of my own sin.

Illuminate that fear, and keep me drawing near


I want to stray from You no more, no more Your goodness grieve,

Grant me the loving awe, I pray, the tender conscience give.

Be quick to act in my mind, O God, my conscience make;

Awake my soul when sin is near, and keep it still awake.



Awake my soul when sin is near and

Keep it still awake.


Almighty God of truth and love, to me Your power impart;

The mountain from my soul remove, the hardness from my heart.

O may the least excluded pain, my reawakened soul,

And drive me to that blood again, which makes the wounded whole.



I heard about this hymn from a sermon I was listening to once. The pastor referenced it, read a few lines from it and then said, “I wish we could hear words like these being sung in our worship services more”. After hearing those words, I agreed. It is a very unique lyrically and very biblical. It is a prayer that every Christian needs to pray each day, a constant practice of purity and sanctification. We can find this theme throughout the entire bible but here are a few scripture references. Proverbs 4:27, Proverbs 7:2, Acts 24:16, 2 Corinthians 11:2, Ephesians 4:30, 1 Timothy 3:9.

So what does all this mean? We are asking God to make big, the sins in our life. From the biggest to the smallest sins, we need to be aware of and sensitive to, in order to be able to put our sins to death through the power of the Holy Spirit inside those who believe. There’s an old saying, be killing sin or sin will be killing you, and that’s true. This isn’t a legalistic action of attempting to reach salvation from our works, but reacting to Christ’ work on the cross with a life honorable to Him. We are called to action and it must start from within. Jesus put death in its grave when He rose from the dead. Now His children will never taste the sting of death, but instead, will begin to truly live when these temporary bodies fade away. Justification is a one-time thing, of Christ making us right, or Just before God, and sanctification is a continual thing happening each day and every moment. I pray this song helps these truths reach down into your heart and soul to worship God more.

Listen to song here: Illuminate Within






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