Cling To The Cross (acoustic chronicles)

I recently released a new album (acoustic chronicles) and wanted to give everyone a breakdown of what these songs mean. They are all very deep and biblical so I wanted to make sure and explain them so I have a place for anyone who wants to know all the meaning behind them. Most of the lyrics are old hymns that I revamped to fit my melodies. But this is one of the songs I wrote the lyrics to. Here they are in full.

Cling To The Cross

I wake up and take one step at a time, the steps are mocked with sin

I cling to the cross of Christ, my only hopes within

Father, God do a work in me, send Your Spirit to guide

Help me better to see, Lord I want to abide


I cling to the Cross of Christ, by the power, not my own

I pray I cling till, my last day when I meet my God, face to face


Give me, the power to grip that hope. The cross that was Your shame

I want to bleed from the hold, the only power that saves

Humble, a fight of pride to die, I’m flat down on my face

Spirit, help abide, to nothing but Your grace



This song is a simple song lyrically but deep in context. I taught a sermon once where I used this illustration and thought it would make a good song because it is a theme that we need to remember as children of God. The song opens with the struggle of every person. From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we are in a constant struggle within ourselves and from the world. Sin is trying to take over our desires and attention. It moves to immediately ask for strength in God. The hope and strength that comes from His Spirit being inside His people. This continues into the chorus where I bring in the main theme. The idea of clinging or holding on as tightly as we can to God’s Word, Christ Himself and the truths we live by. But acknowledging that we cannot succeed by attempting this on our own power. We need to power of God within us to hold on tightly. We often try and hold by our own power but that will always fail us. And knowing it’s Christ Spirit that is sustaining us and pleading for us to the Father in Heaven should give us the confidence to cling that much more. Until that final day that we get to spend eternity with Him face to face. The second verse I was trying to paint the picture of the point of this song. Clinging to the Cross so tightly that we are flat on our face, with our arms wrapped around the foot of the cross, gripping so tight by God’s power that our arms begin to bleed. It can sound dramatic but without this earnest and urgent mindset, we can so easily be entrapped by sin and lose our joy in Jesus. I pray this song helps these truths reach down into your heart and soul to worship God more.

Listen to song here: Cling to the Cross




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