Adore and Tremble (acoustic chronicles)

Adore and Tremble

I recently released a new album (acoustic chronicles) and wanted to give everyone a breakdown of what these songs mean. They are all very deep and biblical so I wanted to make sure and explain them so I have a place for anyone who wants to know all the meaning behind them. Most of the lyrics are old hymns that I revamped to fit my melodies. This one is from a hymn by Isaac Watts called “Adore and Tremble, for our God”.  Here is my version in full.

Adore and Tremble

Adore and tremble, our holy God. A consuming fire. His jealous arm.

His wrath a flame. How it burns. Oh, how it glows against His foes.

At His approach, the mountains flee. They seek a grave in the frightened sea.

Who dares engage His fiery rage, that shakes the world, the world He’s made.


Adore and tremble


Yet mighty God. Thy sovereign grace. You sent Your Son. Saved from our fate.

Your redeeming love. You bore our death. You rose for us. You raised us too.




Now here’s the call. Endure you, saints. Keep His word. Through Him have faith.

Blessed ones who die to self. Live for Christ, He lives for you.



This song was primarily written from Nahum 1:1-3 and Hebrews 12:29. But this theme is consistent throughout the whole Bible. God is big, powerful, glorious, awesome and straight-up scary sometimes. But He is all things good at all times. He doesn’t have emotions that react like ours. He is both loving and wrathful at the same time. He gives mercy and wrath in the same breath. This is hard to understand and that’s ok. He is God, beyond our comprehension and His ways are greater than our ways. This song is meant to glory in these tough truths. It is ok to adore Him and fear Him. In fact, we are commanded to do both. We are commanded to do both, Proverbs 9:10, Deuteronomy 6:5. The adoring part seems to be easier most of the time. But as we meditate on Gods Word and wrestle with some hard truths then we are practicing as we ought to. When we begin to see God as He is more, then you can’t help but have a healthy fear. But then we get to draw close to Him because of Christ, and that is oh so sweet. He is ours and we are His. He delights in His children and we savor Him. And the song doesn’t stop there. With these big mighty and weighty truths, what do we do with them? If Gods Word is being understood correctly then it should inspire action. Just like God loves in action, so should we. We have a job to do. Our job has to do with the body of Christ as a whole. Not just the local church but globally. I pray this song helps these truths reach down into your heart and soul to worship God more.

Listen to song here: Adore and Tremble



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