Whatever Gain (dust&grooves 2)

I recently released a new album called “dust&grooves”. This is the second part of an album I released a few months ago. This song was inspired by Philippians 3:1-11. Here are the lyrics in full.

Whatever Gain

 I told you once, I told you twice, look out for the dogs

The ones who put their pride in flesh, and confidence in the law

I have all reason to boast, a man among all men

I tore you down, to raise me up, and I could do it all over again


Whatever gain I had I count as loss

For knowing You I would pay all it costs


Let me be clear when I boast in my confidence

It’s not in me, it’s not in men, but in the resurrection

I was on top, high on top, at the top, the gain above all gain

I was strong, in myself, no one else, by myself

But now I have to say


For His sake I have suffered the loss

Of all things and count them rubbish


I wrote this from Philipians 3. I have always loved this passage. The first half of Philippians 3 is Paul giving evidence or almost bragging in a-way. He is telling the Philippian church that he had everything you could want in this life. He had power, money, knowledge, honor, and wisdom. He had no reason to ever give up his lot in life. But he goes on to say that he has suffered the loss of everything for the sake of Christ. Everything he had that was good and comfortable, even what defined him, he lost so that he could follow Christ. And you know what he says about losing it all? He counts it all as rubbish, vile, trash, in comparison to knowing Christ. This is a great reminder and a truth to be reaching for each day.

Listen to song and download album here!


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