It is Not Death to Die (dust&grooves 2)

I recently released a new album called “dust&grooves”. This is the second part of an album I released a few months ago. The lyrics are from an old hymn, revamped to fit my melody and set to a song I created. The original hymn was written by Cesar Malan in 1832. Here’s my version in full.

It is Not Death to Die

It is not death to die, to leave this weary road,

And join the saints on high, who’ve found their home with God

It is not death to die, to close the eyes with tears

And wake before the Throne, delivered from your fears


Oh, Jesus conquered the grave. Your precious blood is to save.

Those who trust in you will find it is not death to die.


It is not death to fling, aside this earthly dust

And rise with noble wings, to live among the just

It is not death to hear, the key unlock the door

Set free from mortal fears, to praise You evermore


 Jesus prince of life, Your chosen cannot die.

We wait and wait in strife, we want our home on high.


I love the theme of this song. It is very different than the music you hear on Christian radio today. Scripture references for the song are Psalm 116:8, Psalm 118:17, John 6:39-40, John 11:25-26, Philippians 1:21, 2 Timothy 2:11-12, Revelation 22:5.

The song is basically describing the hope we have in Christ that even when we die, we don’t really die. In fact, our bodily death is really just the beginning of our true lives in Christ. God is building us up, to get us ready for an eternity of glorifying Him! It helps us set our sights on the eternal and not just the mortal. We weren’t meant to live here forever. We were meant for an eternal life with the One who created us!

Checkout song and Download album here!


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