Did Christ O’r Sinners Weep (dust&grooves 2)

I recently released a new album called “dust&grooves”. This is the second part of an album I released a few months ago. The lyrics are from an old hymn, revamped to fit my melody and set to a song I created. The original hymn was written by Benjamin Beddome in 1780. Here’s my version in full.

Did Christ O’r Sinners Weep 

Did Christ over sinners weep, and shall our cheeks be dry?

Let floods of rules and grief, burst forth from every eye

Behold the Son of God in tears, the angels wondering see.

O my soul, He shed those tears for me e ee e


He wept, that we might weep, each sin demands a tear.

In heaven, alone no sin is found, and there’s no weeping there.


Joy beams in every eye and fills each holy heart

All join to sound the trumpet high, in praise to bear their part

In praise to bear their part, in praise to bear their part,

In praise to bear their part.



This is a fun song. It’s different thematically than even the hymns I chose to do. It’s a serious topic but also one that believers can find joy in. The song starts with the fact that Jesus himself, while a man on earth, wept over sin and loss. And that’s how much we need to make of sin. It breaks our communion with God and hurts us. This is why it’s so tragic. God isn’t giving us rules and has “created” sin because He’s a mean unjust God. Quite the contrary. God didn’t create sin, in fact, sin isn’t a created thing. It is literally the breaking of Gods law. It is darkness being brought in from opposing His will. Sin isn’t tangible. The effects are but sin is disunion with the perfect and holy Creator.

But Christ has fixed this. He has put death in its grave and now those whom He’s chosen have now believed and will be in glory with Christ forever!

Scripture references are Psalm 51, Psalm 119:136, Jeremiah 1:9, Joel 2:17, Matthew 23:37, Luke 19:41-42, Romans 2:4, Philippians 3:18

Listen to song and download album here!

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