Who’s Standard? (Why do you believe what you do?)

By S.C. Shaw

Beginning Thoughts:

Let’s think about morals for one second. Everyone has morals and everyone’s morals are different, and we all have a different moral standard. I love the root of all things, and I want to know “why” and I keep asking why until I get a root answer. The root is the beginning of all things, and without the root you have nothing. Where’s your root? What’s your root? Is it you? Is it a god? Is it the world? The universe? Love? The most important question is this; who is your god? God simply meaning whatever set of beliefs you are living by or for? You can’t claim to have no god, because that means you are simply claiming to be your own god. That’s fine, but at least own it, playing ignorant won’t get you far in this life. You are your own god, k.

Who’s Right?

It’s interesting how the world demands tolerance, acceptance, no judgment etc. And yet refuse to give these things to anyone who doesn’t agree with his or her own view. How can you be so angry when someone is sharing their beliefs with you? Isn’t that what you are fighting for? To be accepted in any way shape or form of belief that you wish to hold? But, love is the most important thing, right? Love is all you need? What does that even mean? Should we just accept everything about everybody? What about the child molester and the murderer? Ok, let’s stop being dramatic, what about the “player”? Yes, you know the ones who like to sleep around and use people to get what they want? Why is that wrong? Who’s the one setting that standard? Is it because it hurts people? It’s not hurting everyone; some are just playing each other. But is that your only standard? Just as long as someone doesn’t get hurt, then it’s all about following your heart? But wait, I’m still confused. See, cause some desire to sleep with people and cheat people in any way possible to gain both pleasure and riches until they feel happy. Just following their heart right? So just write them off as bad people and go on with your happy life? But why are they a bad person? If you truly believe that everyone can find their own truth, then why are you down on the people who do “bad” things even though you can’t define “bad” in any real way. Boy, I’m confused.

You see how we can go around and around in circles forever with this kind of rational? So let’s stop here.

The Point:

I’m going to say right now that it’s fine if you don’t want to believe in the God of the bible. After all, I only believe because He chose me to believe, I have no special intellect or gift, He chose me because He is the God in the heavens and He does whatever He pleases. I’m convinced that I’m more screwed up than anyone I’m preaching to. But I’m forgiven and strive for Christ in everything in my life. The one thing I do have is Christ sovereign election over my life and am forgiven by His work on the cross. But stop going with the obvious oblivious mindset of a world heading straight to death. Not because of a mean god, but because they are choosing a life of no god and therefore they get that life for eternity. If you aren’t going to believe, at least be an intelligent thinker and think for yourself. There will be some standing face to face with the One true God in the end and still deny. Not deny that He is real, that will be obvious, but deny to sacrifice their life to Him. That’s an amazing thought to me. That is more proof that belief is a gift from God. You cannot believe without His choosing. Sound harsh? Who are you? If God is real than I think we could all agree that whatever He decides to be “right” is what’s right. He holds the definition of all things. Since when does the way you feel change anything about reality? Stop and think about that. How you feel really means nothing. 

Why We Share?

Christians, real Christians are people who believe what the Bible teaches, not part of it but all of it. We believe that it’s inerrant and perfect as it is, it is God-breathed after all. That’s what we believe, period. Why hate us? Aren’t we supposed to be loving and tolerant of all beliefs? Oh, because our bible says that the way you are living is wrong? But we are sharing this truth with you because we completely believe it. The Bible claims to have the only answer for truth in salvation, the only way to life after death. For us not to share that with you would be very unloving on our part. I get it if you don’t believe, or even hate this thought, but that’s what we believe. We love you and want you to enjoy this truth we believe as well, that’s why we are sharing. And I totally understand that the truths of the Bible have been shared by some really terrible people and that might be the only version of it you know. I’m sorry about that, but we are all messed up and Christians are no exception. And unfortunately, the false Christians seem to have the loudest voices. But God is still God and He must be presented in His true context of the Bible.

Why So Bothered?

If you truly think it’s nonsense then why does it bother you so much? Let us believe what we believe and let it be. Regardless of what we tell you, it shouldn’t really matter cause you think it’s untrue, right? Do you get angry when someone who believes that “The Matrix” is real? We are all part of a big battery? I’m pretty sure if your friend came preaching that to you, you’d just laugh it off and move on, because after all if the matrix were real, it would be the only truth. We can’t be a battery and a tomato at the same time, one has to be real and one has to be false. Everyone having his or her own truth isn’t rational even for a second, so please just stop the arrogant ignorance. Pick a truth and stand by it, get a spine and live for something. But you’re not convicted enough to stand for anything like that are you?

Further Thought:

You know, I started writing this because I wanted to make the point of how the morals of the bible by themselves would be enough to know that there’s something special about it. But as you can tell my heart has changed my point. Once again I am getting back to the root of things. In fact, I did a whole spoken thing on this. Visit www.bibleandabeard.com for more on these roots. It’s titled “Dead Love”.

Just Think Clearly:

I want you more than anything to read this and for it to leave you thinking. I’m not going to be able to talk you into anything. I don’t want to talk you into anything. If I could then someone one day would talk you into something else. If God has chosen you, then one day you will know it. Pray to know Him. He says He will not deny anyone who comes seeking Him (Jeremiah 29:13, Hebrews 11:6, Matthew 7:7-8). If you are not seeking, then you will never believe. In fact, this all sounds foolish to you either way. But I would at the very least leave you with a clearer thought of the major faultiness in the wrong way in which the world believes. I urge you to seek the truth. See how the God of the Bible has left us with a book that the world’s morals are built upon. The Bible is rooted in everything we live by, Christian or not. That’s something worth standing up and take notice of. If we are technically living by some form of the bible and didn’t realize it, let’s do some living intentionally. Playing stupid won’t get you far in this life. After all, this life is just a preparation for eternal life. You’re either in prep for it, or you’re walking dead. God desires to see none perish, but He gave us the choice. Now I’ll have to write about the mind-bending thought of free will and God’s control over all things, but to put it simply, why would you want to believe in a God you could fully comprehend? That sounds like a pretty small god to me.

If you have any questions or want to know more than please contact me.


Please don’t let my word be the final word on this. Pick up the Bible, read Gospel-saturated books by good authors, read good commentaries on the Bible, pick up Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology”, read the 1689 London Baptist confession of faith and learn from a man’s lifetime of study and meditation on the Word of God. Most of all, trust in Jesus Christ and know what He has given us is whole, perfect and is for our good and His glory. Love you all!

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.

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