A Right Mind of Fitness (The Healthy Mind)

By S.C. Shaw

I started Fitcore over 13 years ago. My goal has always been to help people. As I see an industry of soft porn, illegal drugs, unrealistic goals and terrible mindsets under the umbrella of “Health and Fitness”, my heart is truly broken for people. I want to destroy this part of the fitness industry, and want people to get back to what’s important in life. This all has to start with a mindset change.

The important mindset that needs to come about 6 months into your journey is what people don’t tell you about. Why 6 months? Because it take awhile for you body to wrap around the new change and don’t want to overwhelm both mind and body too soon. The fitness world, just like every other worldly realm of life, is driven by money. How to make the next million, is the only focus. My hope in this message is to help the true heart of fitness be awakened in you. The only way to live this life is to truly understand it. We will hit 4 main components to Health and Fitness.

Read carefully, slowly and repeatedly: If you’re not yet about 6 months into your journey, make sure to revisit this again.

-Physical: Working out is going to consist of your body moving…a lot. So how do you get the most benefit from every min, nay, second of every workout? Learning perfect form to each workout is the first key. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. When you learn perfect form, you’re allowing your body to receive the most benefit/the safest for all joints and ligaments from each move. Which will enable you to maintain strength and movement for as long as your body permits. I can’t explain here all the perfect form, visit www.fitcore.net and begin watching and working out with the videos if you’re not already working with me.

-Mental: Working out is 99% mental. Your body is doing all the work…technically, but your mind is doing the most important thing. I hold back these truths for a little while from my clients because it’s a lot to take and most would not get it and probably be scared away from it if told it too soon. It’s too much to focus on. I want to get you understanding the basics of working out before we get legit. Working out should be a journey of both body and mind. I never just “train” people. I’ve got a method being worked out in my head that I get to unfold each session. Only those who stick with me for a long time get to get the full benefit of that method.

You must have such a focus when you workout, a focus that makes every workout an experience. That’s part of what will help you become really into working out, which will in turn help you stick with it, which will get the results you wish to have, and that’s the key to help you stay with it for life. The focus is in every move at every moment. Sound confusing? It should. But until you begin to focus on what’s going on when you’re working out, you’ll never get the full benefit from it. You have to know what muscles you’re working out so you know what to focus on. Not only are you focusing on the perfect form you’re learning, focusing on the muscles at work, focusing on bringing each muscle that is being worked the most burn possible. Wow, overwhelming! And you won’t be good at this for a long time. But you must start somewhere. Just like beginning your workout routine was scary, so this will be too. But it’s time to get things going. It will all become habit soon. Now is the time your true workouts begin. No more mindlessly moving, no more wasted time. Only workouts that are so focused, it makes it exciting to begin and a bummer to end. You’ll get there if you stick with it. This is the only way to gain a mental strength in all this. And without mental strength, you have nothing.

-Nutritional: Food is basically the visual part of your health and fitness. If you want to see all the work you’ve put in, it’s all about the food. There’s a famous meme that says, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and I couldn’t agree more. You can achieve and maintain a healthy weight by just proper diet. But you’d be missing out on the 1000’s of benefits from muscle, heart and lung work. You can’t out train a bad diet, (unless you have that kind o metabolism, but that’s a different conversation). I have real simple, easy nutritional guides online as well. I don’t believe on cutting everything out that you enjoy. I don’t believe in all the crazy bad diets out there. I believe in learning HOW to eat in a way you can maintain for the rest of your life. There’s a quality of life that needs to be kept because after all, our physical bodies are only temporary.

Now to the most important part. 

-Spiritual: I did save the most important for last. I am a God fearing, Christ loving, Holy Spirit empowered man. Everything I do is to the glory of God. Whether you share my view (the Bible) or not, you can still learn plenty from this part, so please don’t checkout. We must keep a healthy view in proper context to our bodies. Our bodies and our physical health are not the most important things in life. Maintaining the right mindset, not being pulled in by our societies ideal of perfections is key. Focus on the real stuff, like living as long as you can for your family and worry about the look of yourself as secondary, that stuff will come. The world of fitness is teaching and pushing a lot of stuff that just isn’t right or good for you…and some of it, straight up is evil. My real passion is people’s right standing with God, the only way that’s possible is though Christ (Ephesians 2:1-10). But because of my love of Jesus, it makes my love for you and you’re journey even deeper.

I hope this helped you. It helped me on my own journey.

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.

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