15 Min Of Fame With Vistaprint (Fear the beard)

By S.C. Shaw

This isn’t my usual blog that’s focused on scripture or focused on things of Jesus, but everything I’m writing, the blessings in my life I’m about to share, is totally from Christ that I don’t neglect to acknowledge.

Many of you know my story and how I’m the owner of Fitcore. If you are unfamiliar, visit this link “My Testimony” if you’d like my backstory. But for now…

Quick backstory:

I started Fitcore 10 years ago and have always used Vistaprint to make my business cards and flyers etc. I worked at the bank when I began to network myself and design my business logo. I really enjoyed the ability to log on to Vistaprint and design anything and everything with my business name on it, it was easy and fun. I’d spend hours designing and redesigning my business look. Even changed the name a couple times. I’ve spent $1000’s with Vistaprint, and all worth it. Not because they are expensive but because I just kept on ordering. I tell you all this because this blog is about the gift returned to me by Vistaprint.

I received an email around September of 2013 from a Vistaprint employee. She told me that they are starting their new campaign of commercials for real business owners who use Vistaprint. I was shocked and excited. Out of the millions of customers, they focused on about 100 clients to look into. They “stalked” their Vistaprint accounts and websites to see what kind of people they were and kind of business. They narrowed that down to 100, then that to about 20 to start the interview process. This was all by Facetime interviews. I was super excited needless to say! Me? On national TV? Crazy! Now it was all about the videophone interview/interviews. I write “interviews” because it was supposed to be one or two interviews that turned into about six. They were having a hard time picking the three people they wanted to use. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had my first interview at 6am my time. They are EST, a 3-hour difference. So, ya, putting on my best face at 6am isn’t the easiest thing to do. But I did it and they actually liked me. Now let me back up. First thought was “uh oh when they see my beardness and tattoos, they might run”. I had to keep reminding myself they have seen me on my website and other sites. Plus I figured it made me unique. We interviewed, and it went well. The next few interviews streamed on over the next few months. A very exciting, anxious time. They kept narrowing down the list and I kept staying on it. When they finally told me I was one of three business owners that made it, I was super excited! Still not knowing what to expect, I knew I would go to another state to film. Lots to be excited about.

A couple of months pass, planning, preparation, more contacts from Vistaprint, and we are almost ready to fly to Austin Texas. They flew my wife and I out and put us up in The Four Seasons, we thought “This is awesome!” Such a weird, different experience in life. Very cool and a complete blessing from God. Remember, I give full credit to the success of Fitcore to God. Not the cliché statement, but actually saw His hand in every aspect of it. Giving me the drive and motivation, bringing the right clients to me, in the beginning, to help grow me as a trainer and form my business. The word of mouth and connections that happened. All from Him, so I do it to the glory of God!

Arrive at AirportOn our way!

Now we are in Austin, ready to film the next day. 6am start time was the call. They pick us up and drive us to the set. They found a great park to film at. They wanted my footage to be what I do, and that is mostly outside training. We show up that morning to a big RV with food, wardrobe, hair, makeup, the whole nine yards. I kept thinking, “Is this really for me?” “It’s so weird and cool that I’m here doing this”. It was a very cold morning, a few hours of prep time, camera set up etc. They brought in a paid extra to workout, one of the employees joined in and they wanted my wife to be a part. After all, I needed people to train. Me and three girls ready to pretend to workout, ok, here we go! Only they ended up really working out for about 2 hours…lol

We shoot for the next 3 hours. Different places in the park, lots of workouts. We ended with us sitting on some benches with me showing my Vistaprint products. It was a total professional experience. One day down, one more to go. We got done filming at about 12 that day.

RvPark shoot preend of park day

I went back to the hotel and slept for a few hours, very mentally draining. We got the go exploring Austin that evening. Very cool place.

6th street 2Music shop

The next day was the interview shoot. Talking all about Fitcore and Vistaprint. I had no prep for this. I have ensured that the questions were about me and my experience with Vistaprint. They wanted it to be as natural as possible, instead of me being overly prepped. Needless to say, I nailed it. Not because I’m so cool, but because all I was doing was talking about what I talk about every day (Health and Fitness), but also, the truth of how much Vistaprint has helped build my business. Another day is done and nap time for me. Even more mentally draining.

interview shot2nd day camera shot

We weren’t flying out until the following day, later in the day, so we had lots of time to have some fun in Austin. And we did.

6th streetburger

The next few months and the commercial is starting to play. What a trip! There’s my big mug (And even bigger beard) on the TV! Every day I receive at least 4 texts or facebook messages saying, “I just saw you on tv”, or “Did I just see you on tv”, or “There is a guy on a commercial that looks just like you”. It’s cool though.


I wrote this because I wanted to share my great experience with this opportunity. We had to keep it all on the down-low till the commercial aired, now I wanted to share! Now it’s been two years since the commercial has aired and they are still playing it. People must like it. Even with all the beard hate mail, I’ve gotten, something must be working. That’s all, glory be to God!

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.

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11 thoughts on “15 Min Of Fame With Vistaprint (Fear the beard)

  1. I really need help. I keep hearing you speak of religion and fitness. I am a c.p.t I lose weight and help others then I fall off the wagon and mess up. I know I am a carb addict. I can commit for awhile then go crazy for carbs. ANY HELP OR TIPS YOU CAN SHARE PLEASE E MAIL ME . THANKS

  2. Congratulations on all of your success! I’m a veteran VP customer also. I was super impressed that they chose you, considering how (some of) society is still all weirded out by people with tats and/or beards. 🙂 Your websites are awesome… you totally deserve this and more!

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